Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber flooring is one of the most popular because of its natural wood grain and colour, which compliments other building material and with many styles of furniture. Solid timber flooring have feature of elasticity and noise dampening effect. In addition, the quality of its natural material exudes a sense of comfort. Solid timber flooring is very long lasting, can be refinished for several times compared with other non-wood floor covering materials.



The surface can either be finished with waterbased polyurethane (PU) or non-toxic oil finishes enhancing the beauty of solid hardwood floor.

  • Stain resistance.
  • Hard wearing and long lasting.
  • Excellent for asthmatics as they do not harbour dust mites or other allergens.
  • Surface can be re-sanded for several times.


Available Sizes

  • Random length x 73mm x 11mm
  • Random length x 90mm x 15mm
  • Random length x 90mm x 18mm
  • Random length x 120mm x 18mm