Outdoor Solid Timber Decking

Solid timber decking has become the preferred choice over other materials like concrete, brick, ceramic tile and metal simply because the natural beautiful wood grain and color provides warmness which blend well with the surroundings like garden and outdoor pool side. Only the naturally durable hardwood species are selected due to its durability, high strength and hard wearing feature.



  • The solid timber decking can either be finished with exterior waterbased polyurethane (PU) or non-toxic and UV-protective oil finishes enhancing the beauty of the solid hardwood decking.
  • Durable, hard wearing and long lasting (selected wood species only).
  • Slip resistance.


Product Features

  • ¬†Secret nailing (non-face nailing) installation system.


Available Sizes

  • 1800-3900 x 90 x 18mm
  • 1800-3900 x 145 x 25mm