Engineered Timber Flooring

The masterly designed floor has created a great impact in the modern homes, offices and shopping malls. The 3 layers engineered timber flooring coated with UV-lacquer and oil finishes on the top layer brings out the beautiful colour and the natural wood grain, creating a nice, smooth, warmth and comfort feeling to your home.

Engineered timber flooring has becomes the preferred wood flooring by many interior designer, Architect and Developer because of its luxurious looks, reasonable price, high availability source of wood, better stability. Moreover it is easy to clean & maintain, environment friendly and save for children and family.

The standard thickness of top layer is 3mm, therefore lesser wood is used to achieve more area of wood floor coverage which in turn helps to save and reduce cutting of trees from natural forest, reserve it for the future generation.



  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install, time saving and less dusty because the surface coating is pre-done in factory (no sanding and coating processes are required after the installation at the site).
  • Stain resistant
  • Top layer surfaces can be re – sand and re – coated a few times
  • Excellent for asthmatics as they do not harbour dust mites or other allergens
  • More varieties in the selection of colors, designs, patterns and textures.


Product Features

  • Green Building Index (GBI) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant floor covering product.
  • Constructed with innovative and patented core layer, VERSA CORE specially designed for high humid countries like Malaysia. Minimize warping, expansion and contraction problems.
  • Comply with formaldehyde emission class E1 (EN 717:1)
  • Comply with CE-labelling (harmonized standard EN 14342)
  • Surface layer is coated with 7 layers of UV-lacquer.


Available Types and Sizes

  • Single Strip: 600-1800/1090/2200 x 127/155/180 x 12.7/14/19mm
  • Two Strip: 2200 x 180 x 12.7/14mm
  • Three Strip: 2200 x 195 x 14mm
  • Herringbone: 508 x 90/127 x 14mm
  • Monster Floor: 3000 x 200/250/300 x 19mm
  • Fine Line: 2200 x 180 x 14mm
  • Raindrops Series: 2200 x 195 x 14mm
  • Block Series: 2200 x 195 x 14mm